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We are trying out this new page to support Appraisers from October 2014. Please visit frequently as there will be changes made as the requirements change and as new resources are added.

Appraiser training

The Local Area Team requires that you:

1 Attend one Appraiser Training Day each year. If you cannot attend the one organised by the LAT, you may attend another, equivalent training day elsewhere.

2 At least two local appraisers' meetings each year. If you cannot attend your own group's meeting you may attend another group's.


Pre and post appraisal forms SAG Templates

If your appraisee is not using an electronic tool, then you might want him/her to complete a pre-appraisal form and use our Appraisal Summary template (SAG).


Many appraisers the SAG template useful as a prompt to use during the appraisal and to record a draft of the summary before uploading the final version.  You can download it here

Appraiser Appraisals

You will need to have an appraisal every 3 years. Appraiser appraisals are different in form to NHS appraisals. In groups of three, you will take turns to act as appraisee, appraiser and observer (using structured feedback) with written scenarios. You will learn and teach other. Senior appraisers will be writing to invite you to attend these appraisals.

Vital info on appraisals from around the country

The appraisers' network, NHS England, has issued a series of Medical Appraisal Position Statements to appraisal authorities and employing/contracting authorities on varied topics such as the conduct of appraisals, duties of authorities, appraiser trainer. They aim to clarify areas of uncertainty and promote consistency so appraisers should find them helpful.

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