Getting An Appraiser, Conflicts of Interests and Changing Appraisers

The process will be straightforward in most cases. The Local Area Team should allocate an appraiser who is nearby. Many appraiser-appraisee pairings work well and benefit from building on successive appraisals and cumulative work. However, there is a limit on the number of times you can have the same appraiser over a given period. Currently, this is three years out of six.

Occasionally problems do arise. One of these is a conflict of interests. As far is angliangp is aware, there is no published list. You must be guided by reason and judgement: would someone outside of general practice percieve this as a confllict? Here are some examples that senior appraisers in East of Angland have agreed on.


1 The appraiser is registered as a patient with the appraisee. The conflict here is appraiser may gain intimate knowledge that the about the practice that provides care for him/her family but which is not publicly available.

2 Either the appraisee or the appraiser works regularly and frequently as a locum in the other's practice. The conflict here is that it could be perceived that it is in their interest to avoid judging an appraisal as unsatisfactory. The regularity and frequency must be taken into account because in the small world that is general practice, some joint work is bound to occur.

3 An appraiser/appraisee pair cannot swop roles and appraise the other.

4 Close relationship between appraiser and appraisee. This rules out those working in the same practice, close friends, relatives etc.


If you need to change appraiser, let the LAT know by return email. The response can be rather slow and it would be a shame if the second allocation was unsuitable. So if you would like to know who the other potential appraisers are, you can see the list here.


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