Supporting Information

The appraisal itself is meant to be supportive and developmental. There is no “pass or fail” standard. But you must provide evidence that you are maintaining your professional development in keeping with GMC requirements. Some people disliked the word evidence when it was first used so it is now called supporting information. One of the appraiser’s roles to write a summary of the appraisal and sign it off as satisfactory, meaning that the supporting information you provided satisfies the requirements of revalidation.

The information is of 6 types and covers 4 domains.

If you have any medical roles in addition to general practice, you need to provide supporting  information for all other roles.


From October 2020 and until further notice, the volume of evidence needed for the appraisal is less crucial than before. The emphasis will be on support. You should still provide all the evidence you have. Further details are awaited at the time of writing (mid August 2020)



Types of information

Continuing Professional Development

Quality Improvement Activity

Significant Events

Patient Feedback

Colleague Feedback

Compliments & Complaints

4 domains of practice

Domain 1: Knowledge, skills and performance

Domain 2: Safety and quality

Domain 3: Communication, partnership and teamwork

Domain 4: Maintaining trust

Most recording systems are designed so you can record your evidence under these domains.

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